Get to know our fabulous Tree Top Escape wedding coordinator and find out her top tips!

Meet Nicola

What inspired you to become involved with Weddings?

“After 8 years of event experience at a local family attraction, I decided it was time for a new challenge… One of my favourite events that they hosted was the Wedding Show, I just loved talking about all things Wedding! Meeting Bob, Kate and the team at Tree Top Escape, I instantly felt part of the Millbrook/TTE family and I haven’t looked back since. Now 3 and a half years (and counting) later, I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Your Big Day - from the other side. What does a typical day as a wedding coordinator involve?

“Every day, every wedding is different – and I love it! I like to greet couples first thing on the day of their wedding to chat through any last-minute questions. I then take any personal touches for their special day such as confetti, table favours etc to set up on their behalf. I will then prepare The Nest for the ceremony - getting everything ready, lights on, doors open (if the weather allows) and setting up to welcome any guests. I like to regularly check in with the wedding couple as they get ready, just to be a friendly face and settle any nerves.

My job is to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From making sure everyone is the right place at the right time, to helping brides with any outfit emergencies… I’m there to support the wedding couple so they can relax and enjoy their special day. I can often be found holding four-pawed guests at the back of the Nest during the ceremony…a task I very much enjoy!”

What do you enjoy most about being a wedding coordinator at Tree Top Escape?

“There’s too much to write everything down! There’s something so special about weddings at Tree Top Escape, I love how intimate the weddings are… from romantic elopements with just the couple celebrating their love, to weddings with up to 14 guests. I always feel that there is something incredibly special about only sharing your wedding day with your nearest and dearest.

Tree Top Escape is such a peaceful wedding venue, I love those moments when you’re stood on the balcony of The Nest and all you can hear are birds tweeting and the fountain in the lake below.

I also love the team of recommended suppliers that I’ve come to know very well during my time as a wedding coordinator. Everyone is professional and they work so hard to ensure couples have a fantastic wedding day. Plus, they are all great fun to work with - making it not feel like work at all!

And finally (and most importantly) getting to meet all the wonderful couples that share their wedding day with us. It is a privilege to be part of such a special day in their lives and of course, I love meeting any furry friends.”

Wedding planning can be complex, do you have any tips to make planning the perfect day less stressful?

“Make yourself a list and get things ticked off as soon as you can. You can then sit back and enjoy the build-up to your wedding day! We have our handy wedding checklist to help you start with your planning. I’d definitely recommend getting your preferred suppliers booked as soon as possible, get your date in their diary and then you can chat in detail as your date gets closer.”

Do you find there are certain things that couples often overlook or are not aware of?

“Music is one thing that couples underestimate - how long it might take to choose songs for their ceremony, especially if they have different music tastes. I always recommend finding a song that is meaningful to them as a couple to include during their ceremony. No song is too wacky or out there (as long as it has no religious content!) I’ve heard Baywatch to Lord of the Rings during ceremonies!”

If you could only give your couples one bit of advice, your biggest tip, what would it be?

“Remember that your wedding day is about you as a couple! Don’t worry about other people and make time during your day for moments to celebrate just the two of you. We ask guests not go into your accommodation at Tree Top Escape for just this reason, it means there is always somewhere for couples to escape to for a few minutes alone where no one else will follow.”

Meet Nicola
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