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What is a Celebrant

What is a Celebrant Wedding Ceremony?

There are three types of wedding ceremony currently performed in the UK:

1) Religious wedding ceremonies are performed by ordained or nominated figures of faith such as Vicars, Priests, Rabbi, etc, depending on your religious preferences.

2) Civil wedding ceremonies are performed by trained Registrars in certified locations around the UK.

What is a Celebrant

Both religious and civil wedding ceremonies are legally binding contracts, so the structure and content of the ceremony are very specific to ensure all legal requirements are covered. With fewer religious and cultural restrictions between couples getting married the need for another type of the wedding ceremony arose...

3) Introducing the Celebrant Wedding Ceremony!

In it's very name, it is a wedding ceremony that focuses on the celebration of your love as a couple. A Celebrant is an experienced professional that can help you create a completely bespoke wedding ceremony that includes everything that is important to you. They get to know you as a couple, understand your beliefs, wishes, etc, they can give you advice and personalise your wedding ceremony to suit your requirements. As your Celebrant takes the time to get to know you prior to your wedding, it feels much more personal – the ceremony is performed by a friendly face, that is passionate about you as a couple, rather than strangers.

What is a Celebrant

Who would choose a Celebrant wedding ceremony?

– Anyone wanting a completely unique wedding ceremony.
– Celebrant weddings work very well for interfaith couples wanting to include distinct aspects from their cultures / religions.
– Couples that want to celebrate their union and love but don't feel that they want their marriage legally documented.
– Couples that are already married but they would like to reaffirm or renew their vows...

Why choose Tree Top Escape as the perfect venue for your Celebrant Wedding!

– We promote unique, romantic and personalised weddings.
– The venue itself is quirky, different and magical... set in the treeline overlooking the lakes and rolling North Devon hills.
– A 5 star luxury wedding venue and accommodation that doesn't offer an overbearing all inclusive package, we have have bucked traditional offerings and instead we support you with choosing local recommended suppliers so you can create the perfect wedding for you!
– We work with several incredible Celebrants that are truly passionate about performing completely personalised, romantic ceremonies that celebrate the love you have for one another.
– The incredible setting and our inclusive ethos make Tree Top Escape the perfect location for your intimate wedding.

What is a Celebrant

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