Rain on Your Wedding Day

I can see clearly now - that the rain doesn't matter!

Horror of horrors you wake up on your very special day and it is raining. No matter how much you plan every detail of your wedding, the one thing that is very much outside our control is the weather. We are told that rain on your wedding day is bad luck and Alanis Morrisette even said that it is ironic. But what if it doesn't matter?

There is no point in worrying about things that we can't change. So here are a few tips to plan for and enjoy rain on your wedding day.

Rain on your Wedding Day

Tree Top Escape - a unique wedding venue.

The Nest features a covered balcony and 2 glass panelled walls so you are fully protected from the weather and you still have the amazing backdrop of the rolling hills and lakes. The Meadow Room is a multifunctional space that offers a fully enclosed area, a partially enclosed area and an area that is only covered overhead so you can still enjoy the incredible views whilst being comfy, cosy and most importantly dry! The Meadow Room is perfect for welcoming guests, having a rustic ceremony and post nuptial celebrations. Check out our Meadow Room blog to find out more about this fantastic space.

Rain at Tree Top Escape

Fabulous Accessories

As Tree Top Escape is a rural venue, we recommend wellies all year round as you just never know. It is a fabulous excuse to treat yourself to those wellies you have not had a reason to buy before. What will you choose? Funky, Bold, Bright, Classic; so many choices. If you have read our How to keep cool blog you will know that we also recommend umbrellas year round too! Really useful and great props in your photos. You can get so many different styles, colours and patterns. Go wild! *Dance in the rain.

Rain on Your Wedding Day

Embrace the weather fully!

Jump in those puddles and after several glasses of champagne you might not realise you are dancing in the rain!

Super Handy Tip: Guests might not be as enthusiastic or enlightened as you so we highly recommend reminding your guests to bring alternative footwear and umbrellas as their thoughts might be on celebrations rather than useful practicalities.

Have you heard of the phrase "Tie the Knot" Knots get tighter when wet, in fact it becomes extremely difficult to undo so perhaps rain on your wedding day might just be good luck!

Find out more about our Intimate Wedding Venue, visit www.treetopescape.co.uk

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