• Grill-Haus Dining

    Challenging the concept of the Wedding Breakfast!

    A dining experience like no other! Discover our fairy-tale boho chic Grill-Haus secluded in the woods.

    You are invited to join our recommended local chefs for an evening filled with love, laughter and delicious food. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere sampling delectable local produce that has been prepared especially for you –and cooked in front of your very eyes.

    Take your guests on a mystery tour. Torches required! Lead them up the grassy path towards the woodland thicket and just when they think you have gone totally crazy they will spy the utterly charming Hansel and Gretel wood cabin. Surely it is too small for everyone to fit in? Open the door to an even bigger surprise and a warm welcome from your hosts! Tastefully decorated with reindeer pelts, flickering candles, brightly covered scatter cushions and fairy lights, it is perfect for those wanting a phenomenal and yet casual feel for their special day.

    Grill Haus Dining
    Grill Haus Dining

    Grill-Haus Highlights

    • Tantalise your taste buds with a Serviced BBQ with local produce by our incredible chefs.

    • Food preparation area within Grill-Haus itself - watch all the behind the scenes action ;)

    • Wonder-woman ‘Alexa’ (our fantastic Amazon Echo) will play all your favourite tunes through the Bose sound system. She will also tell jokes and play.

    • The best of Scandi design - Relax in a cosy atmosphere with twinkly lights.

    • Bring your own alcohol/drinks = No expensive bar bill. Hooray!

    Dining Vibes

    Two styles of dining in the Grill-Haus

    • King Arthur style dining – take your seat around the impressive oak table and watch your spectacular feast cook over the dancing flames. This option is available for a maximum of 10 people including the wedding couple. Don’t hesitate to contact our amazing chefs about their mouth-watering menus.

    • Casual dining – seated on the fabulous benches with comfy cushions and reindeer pelts. Perfect for up to 14 guests plus wedding couple – please note that this style of dining will be on a scrumptious tasting menu.

    Grill Haus Dining

    Hire Price

    There is a charge to use the Grill-Haus - this is taken by us - We charge £100 for just two, £120 for 3-6 guests or £150 for 7-16 guests. The cost includes the set-up of the Grill-Haus, music through the Bose speaker system and the clear down. More importantly - the incredible 'wow' factor of this gorgeous Haus hidden in the woods.

    PLEASE NOTE: - this price does not include food and you will need pay the chef directly for this.

    Cooking with Gazz, Dining by Mandy Harding and The Frisky Pheasant hope to cook up a feast for you soon!

    Important Grill-Haus Quirks:

    • The Grill-Haus is not suitable for babies in arms. For safety reasons the minimum age for children attending is 8 years old.

    • Dogs in the Grill-Haus – they are permitted at the chef’s discretion.

    • It is important to wear sturdy footwear as you are walking on grass and in a woodland. Torches are required. There is a temporary toilet facility nearby as it would be difficult to constantly use the Tree Top Escape guest toilet facility.

    • Please note that as per our Terms and Conditions - guests of the Grill-Haus do not have access to the accommodation at Tree Top Escape.

    • No Wedding Dresses for safety reasons.

    An amazing surprise for your guests! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details of this unforgettable experience.

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