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    Published on 3rd May 2019

    Elope with close family members

    Our Engagement

    I have to be honest; it wasn’t the most romantic! After 8 and a half years together we had been to so many friends and family weddings we were sure we didn’t want the big wedding! Some friends of ours decided to elope, we were due to go with them to Vegas but the trip was cancelled due to them getting pregnant. Of course all I wanted was to be married to Callum and so we sat one Sunday morning in November discussing what sort of day we wanted. We have always loved Devon and Cornwall, we established it was going to be small with just our parents and to have as a weekend away for everyone as a way of saying thank you for being wonderful parents. we also thought that April 2018 would be the perfect date as it would also celebrate our 10 year anniversary:) So we had all the ideas, it was now just about finding the venue!

    Going back to the engagement, there was no big proposal as such, more of a discussion of what we wanted for our relationship and I couldn’t have been happier. I began to look for rings. Unfortunately I just couldn’t find anything I liked, the modern styles just didn’t suit me.

    We were just leaving my parents to go ring shopping AGAIN when my mum was joking with me about wearing her veil and dress... when she said “I’ve got a ring you can try on” and with that she got out my Nan’s ring. It was beautiful, a mix of platinum and yellow gold and fitted me perfectly and to my surprise my mum said I could have it! Of course I had to have the wedding band too as they went so well together:) Something that is so special about my rings, apart from being my something old, is that my mum never met her mum as she passed just a few hours after she was born so I feel that they have special sentimental value above anything else.

    elopement Wedding Venue

    Why we chose to marry at Tree Top Escape

    We originally looked at Watergate Bay Hotel in Newquay, however they weren’t able to accommodate our plan for getting married in school holidays. I then turned to google for ‘small and intimate weddings’ in the UK and on one of the first websites I came to was a list of unusual wedding venues. The first one in Devon just happened to be Tree Top Escape- well I clicked on the link and that is when I stopped looking! It was perfect - the accommodation, the views, the setting, the number of guests, the weekend away, it just looked like heaven - and within 3 days it was booked! As time went on, I couldn’t believe how perfect this venue was -everyone I spoke to on the phone was so lovely and helpful and the suppliers list just made the organisation so easy.

    elopement weddings

    Our Special day

    We can both say was the happiest day of our lives. We were both grinning from ear to ear from the moment I walked into the Nest to when we went to bed.

    Having only visited the venue the previous April and seen it from the outside, nothing could have prepared us for how amazing the view and decoration was from the inside (despite looking on the 360 view numerous times on the website) it was beyond any expectation we had.

    The accommodation was much bigger and luxurious than I thought it would be and The Nest was small and intimate enough for our number of guests that meant it wasn’t overwhelming for me in the ceremony. We thought this was so well designed, you can tell how much time and consideration has gone into this.

    Collette was an integral part of the day, being so calm and supportive but also in the lead up, she was always an email away and before we started planning the wedding I never realised how important it was to have her there.

    Intimate elopement Wedding Venue
    Aside from standing there saying our vows, the next best part of the day was by far all the photos with Becca. She made us feel so relaxed and is such a lovely lady that it was so nice to have her with us on the day. The walk through the grounds was a time to spend with each other taking in the fact we were now married but also enjoying the beautiful surroundings....I didn’t want this bit to end! I can honestly say that Callum may have at times been reluctant to get married, mainly because of the thought of the day being one of those massive affairs that we had seen previously and not enjoyed. But I know that Saturday was the happiest I had ever seen him and that Tree Top Escape was everything that we wanted and more:)

    elopement Wedding Venue

    Our advice for other couples wanting to elope

    Do it! Don’t think twice about it, you won’t regret anything about a small and initiate wedding. So many of our friends and family made choices about their weddings based on what was “expected of them” or how they think weddings “should be”-we decided not to worry about that.

    Yes, we probably upset a few people only having a select 11 guests to our special day but it was OUR special day and we don’t regret any of the decisions we made because our day was perfect for us. Plus another bonus about our wedding venue is we can now visit for many anniversaries to come and relive our weekend over and over again.


    Flowers - Alice Shaw
    Photographer - Rebecca Roundhill

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